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Paperless Meetings

Share presentations, drawings, and applications with any number of people via Web, Android, and iOS devices in the meeting room, classroom, and online.

Achieve better results by turning one-way presentations into collaborative experiences. Adapt the flow in real-time based on the audience feedback. Leverage up-to-date content and data.
Reduce expenses and improve productivity by going paperless. In the age of pixel-rich retina displays there is no need for printing. Present via mobile devices. Capture and share notes online.
Get a return on investment in mobile devices and flat panel displays. Use our award winning solution to enable NASA-like multi-display collaboration. Ride the BYOD wave without compromising security.

I made a presentation using 25 tablets. MightyMeeting is working very, very well. I am most pleased.

Rafael Monroy, K-12

Content Management

Upload content and store it in a secure cloud repository. Access it on any device. Automatically cache content on the device for offline access.

Content Integration

Open files stored at Box, DropBox, Google Drive, and OneDrive. Manage multiple accounts of the same type, e.g. a work account and a personal account.

Whiteboard and Annotations

Annotate presentations and documents. Create a sketchbook and use it for free form drawing. Download and share your annotations and drawings as PDF.

Multi-Display Collaboration

Synchronize content displayed on devices in the meeting room or the classroom. The list of devices may include smartphones, tablets, ChromeBooks, PCs, and flat panel displays.

Unlimited Online Meetings

Share content, interactive applications, and drawings with any number of users online. We do not limit the number of meetings, their duration, or the number of attendees.

Interactive Applications

Use applications to interact with users during a meeting. Use our application framework to develop MightyMeeting extensions that tap into enterprise data and services.